J.L. Bedsole Library WikiSearch 101: A FAQ/Walkthrough for Library Searching

Welcome to the J.L. Bedsole Library's Wiki/FAQ: Search 101. This purpose of this site is to serve as a comprehensive guide to assist students with locating information resources, both physical and electronic, in the library. It is meant to serve as a supplement to information literacy sessions given in Freshmen Seminar and other courses. And, of course, there is no substitute for asking a librarian, in person, to help you. If any of the instructions contained in this guide are unclear or there is something it is missing, then please contact the staff.

How do I find a book?

How can I quickly find a bunch of books on the same subject?

What do I do if the book isn't where it is supposed to be?

What is an E Book? How do I view it?

What are my options if you guys don't have the book I need?

What journals do you have?

How do I locate a specific electronic journal?

How can I find out if there are journal articles about my paper topic?

What do I do if the article I want has no full text version?

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